Mechanical Ventilation Systems are systems that provide better indoor air quality in homes and commercial buildings by extracting stale air or by supplying fresh air, some systems will also extract and supply.

What is a Mechanical Ventilation System?

The purpose of a Mechanical Ventilation System is to extract stale air or supplying fresh air into rooms in a house or building. Its purpose is to improve the indoor air quality of your home or building.

Benefits of Ventilation Systems Include:

  • A steady supply of outdoor air for improved indoor air quality and resident comfort
  • Regulation over the amount and source of outdoor air
  • Thinning of indoor contaminants, such as odours and allergens
  • Helps control relative humidity and decrease moisture accumulation during the heating or temperate seasons
  • Eliminating the risk of condensation, mould, and damp
  • Providing clearer air that is beneficial to allergy and asthma suffers

Mechanical Ventilation System Installation

Without a ventilation system to provide fresh air, moisture odours and other pollutants can build up inside a room. Rather than relying on windows, mechanical ventilation systems circulate fresh air using ducts and fans. By installing a Mechanical Ventilation System, property owners can breathe easy, assured that their home has sufficient ventilation facilities.

There is a range of different Mechanical Ventilation Systems, therefore it is important to choose the correct system for your home.

Different Types of Mechanical Ventilation

There are four types of whole-house Mechanical Ventilation Systems:

MVHRMechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System

C-MEV Centralised mechanical extraction system, most commonly known as Mechanical Extraction Ventilation (MEV)

D-MEV Decentralised mechanical extraction system

PIV Positive input ventilation system

Each system uses a combination of fans, ducting, dampers, and controls, and they each have different pros, cons, and costs accompanying them.

What is MVHR?

The main purpose of a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is to recover heat that is usually wasted using an air-to-air heat exchanger. It usually works by supply and extracting air that flows in and out of homes and buildings to ensure better indoor air quality. Depending on the unit and application, this system can cover up to 90% of heat which would normally be lost and due to this heat recovery; it can help save greatly on energy bills for businesses.

What is C-MEV (MEV)?

Designed to extract moist and stale air from multiple rooms at once, a Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (C-MEV) system is a low energy, continuous mechanical extraction ventilation system. This system provides the advantage of being more efficient than separate fans in each room.

C-MEV is more commonly known as a Mechanical Extraction Ventilation (MEV). This system is a good option to save energy as it reduces the need to run a lot of extractor fans in every wet room in a home. It also benefits over fans as they do not create air leakage, heat loss, or drafts. This system also creates healthier lifestyel and better indoor quality by removing damp and polluted air.

What is D-MEV?

A Decentralised Mechanical Extract System (D-MEV) is generally installed in wet rooms such as bathrooms, its main function is to draw out moisture-laden air to restrict the buildup of moisture, damp and mould. These systems are low energy and are generally installed in bathroom walls or ceilings and extract at a normal low rate of ventilation.

What is PIV?

PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) is a wall or loft mounted unit that pushes filtered, fresh air through a property. A PIV system combats condensation in the home. The unit is usually fitted in the hallway and continually introduces a subtle, filtered air supply from the trapped heat and air from your roof void; this trapped heat is then re-distributed. Loft mounted PIV units use free solar energy generated from the natural solar gain in lofts. As a result, PIV units easily contribute to annual energy savings.

This is a great system for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions, as well as combating condensation. The PIV system reduces the risk of mould, damp, and dust population; creating multiple health benefits. The system also supplies fresh filtered air at a continuous rate throughout a property.

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