Commercial plumbing systems are complex and expansive due to their use in properties such as schools, large shopping centres, and hospitals connected to large industrial equipment.  Given their integral place in running these properties, regular commercial boiler maintenance is extremely important. Find out what a commercial boiler service involves, as well as how often maintenance should be carried out.

Visual Check of You Commercial Boiler

Usually, the first thing the engineer will do is carry out a visual check of the unit, casing, pipework and surrounding area. This is to look for any signs of problems or anything that could be affecting boiler performance.

Flame Colour Check

Checking the colour of the flame is key when carrying out servicing on any boiler, commercial or domestic. The flame should be a blue colour, and if the engineer finds that the flame is yellow, then this may be an indicator of a much more serious problem.

Unit inspection

The commercial boiler engineer will then inspect the inside of the unit. This consists of: 

  • Turning off the gas by disconnecting the gas valve to allow them to check the internal components and pipework.
  •  If needed, cleaning the inside of the unit to pick up any loose dirt or debris that could affect the internal parts. 
  • Removing the burner to inspect it for any cracks or deformations, or anything that might cause uneven burning. 
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger to check there are no leaks and that ignition is OK, before cleaning it with an air duster. 
  • Checking the seals for damage or anything that could prevent a good combustion seal.

Component Checks and Testing

The engineer will then run the system and test the components, primarily to ensure the boiler is operating to its full potential and efficiency. This involves: 

  • Increasing the temperature to ensure there is an even burn and a good colour flame.
  • Testing the gas pressure.
  • Examining the flues and air intakes to make sure there are no blocks or leaks, and no unsafe emissions. 
  • Looking at the header, which protects the boiler from thermal shock and any foreign materials going back into the boiler. 
  • Bleeding the air from the system so that the boiler is running at 100% capacity.

Commercial Boiler Service Report

Any problems found at any stage will be reported to the customer and any remedial actions agreed upon. The engineer will leave a full checklist to indicate what has been done and on this, they will note all issues discussed.

A commercial boiler should be serviced annually, whether you encounter problems or not. It’s essential to have annual boiler maintenance because the size, scope and variety of issues that can occur in commercial plumbing can be costly to fix, so having regular checks will lessen being caught out by a major issue. The last thing you want is to come out of pocket right away fixing a sudden breakdown, instead of having the freedom to shop around for a boiler servicing at the right price. 

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