At MCR GAS we understand that energy bills are one of the biggest expenses businesses have to face. It’s important to manage these costs and check equipment to ensure its running at maximum energy efficiency. You’ll also want to ensure you’re reviewing your tariff regularly so you can ensure you’re getting the right deal.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tips on how to reduce your energy bills. Included are explanations on how you can use these to enhance your business and cut energy costs. 

1.Monitoring your businesses energy tariff

Try to research tariffs from different energy providers on a regular basis to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. Changing your provider or current tariff at the end of each year could also cut costs.

2.Check age and efficiency of equipment

Evaluate all the equipment which uses energy within your business. Make sure it’s the most up to date model that it can be. Improving equipment efficiency will help drive down costs long term. Some tips to do this are

  • Taking care of your equipment (cleaning and servicing regularly).
  • Putting in place a maintenance time table. 
  • Upgrading old equipment.
  • Have your equipment evaluated. 

3.Arrange an energy audit and commercial boiler service

Arranging an energy audit will allow you to determine how your business is using energy, where this is being wasted and how that can be prevented. Companies that employ over 250 people, must have an annual energy audit completed by the government. However, smaller companies can complete audits themselves, or employ an external auditor. You can download checklists online to help you carry out your audit.

Once you have illuminated your business’s energy use, you can work to decrease it’s costs. This could be by changing suppliers or changing systems. You can also work to reduce your company’s wasted energy so you’re not spending money on energy you’re not using. 

A commercial boiler service will also help you determine any wasted energy and problems that may be causing your boiler to use excess energy or run efficiently, adding extra costs. A lot of boiler systems will need an annual service in order to comply with warranty. You can find information on why services are important and book your boiler service with us here. You might also discover that your commercial boiler is too old which is leading to energy wastage due to not running efficiently, we are also proficient in installing commercial boilers of all varieties. 

4.Shutting down equipment when it’s not in use

Leaving equipment on when not in use will waste energy. Each piece of equipment that’s left on overnight, over weekends or whenever it’s not in use may only cost you pennies, but over weeks and months this will add up. The bigger the operation of your business, the bigger the cost. Get your staff involved by making sure they shut down their equipment before they leave for the day. This will make energy savings more manageable. You can download reminders for your staff online.

5.Evaluate your lighting and use energy efficient lighting for your business

The department of Business, Energy and industrial strategy conducted a report as part of the Energy Technology List which stated that lighting uses around 20% of the electricity energy generated in the UK. The report also says that business can save a significant amount of money by upgrading lighting systems by upgrading from conventional lighting to new LED technology. Using automatic lighting controls can also save a business up to 30% to 50% on energy bills. This can include sensors so lighting automatically comes on when someone enters a room and turns off when they leave.

6.Setting heating timers

Using a timer that correlates with when your business space is being used will ensure that the heating never comes on when it is not needed. Having set timers will also prevent staff from tampering with the heating and causing unnecessary costs.

7.Businesses premises insulation

Insulating your building will make it naturally warmer. This means that it will prevent the rate your heating rises too in the colder months. Having a more balanced monthly payment will help keep your energy costs more manageable. 

8.Monitor your air conditioning

In the warmer months, consider opening windows and doors before resorting to your air conditioning unit. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh air, but you’ll cut your energy costs too. Your business will also become more eco friendly. 

9.Look at employee working patterns

If all of your employees are working a standard 9am-5pm consider staggering out shift patterns. This way instead of all your equipment running at one time, it will be extended throughout the day. Factory workers could come in the mornings so that the most heavy running equipment is used in the mornings. This will conserve your energy.

10. Landscaping/think outside your building

If you have control over the landscaping outside of your business, you can make this energy efficient to cut costs too. Planting trees to block winds or provide shade will save on your heating and cooling costs. 

By completing each one of these steps (if feasible for your business) you can ensure that you’re doing all that you can to cut your energy costs. Contact us to resolve any queries and see how we can help you save on energy bills.