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Boilers have to have an annual service so that they can function and run properly, all of your boilers will be serviced by a Gas Safe registered plumber who’s trained for the task. At MCR Gas we are always available services in Wigan, call us for a free quote now.

Gas Boiler Service Wigan

Are you in need of a boiler breakdown service in Wigan, well don’t worry our team at MCR Gas will provide you with all the support you’ll need. You must frequently receive boiler checks to identify that your boiler works efficiently. Without the boiler service, you’ll have more issues to deal with in the long term and can become more expensive. A yearly boiler service is essential and required to be carried out by an engineer every 12 months to once a year. Without a boiler service, you may not get the full ability out of your boiler, which is why it is beneficial to have checks.

Here at MCR Gas, we have a range of boiler repair plans for your needs such as commercial, and residential to ensure that your working conditions and any issues can be identified earlier.

Boiler Cover Plan For Your Requirements

We try to keep our prices flexible and manageable for you, here at MCR Gas we offer a wide range of boiler cover plans to ensure that you are in trustworthy hands if you need an emergency boiler service. Our starting cost per month will only be £14.99 a month, which is flexible as we’re also known as Manchester’s Top Rated Boiler and Home Emergency Cover Company.

Our packages are made up of 4 different sectors such as Bronze, Platinum, Silver and Gold, these include an unlimited call-out with labour and emergency boiler cover. The team will provide you with all of the guidance and advice you need when it comes to boiler services and covers, call us now to service your boiler with no added cost.

Why Is Boiler Servicing Important?

Maintenance is essential to avoid having to find a boiler repair company in the event of an emergency. When it comes to an annual boiler service, it is very easy to forget and keep postponing it and letting your boiler continue to fracture bit by bit. You might be saving expenses, but if you keep on delaying the annual boiler service overtime when you service your boiler eventually, the cost will be higher than normal due to the massive delay. 

Our engineers at MCR Gas are fully trained and skilled to carry out a boiler service check, they will be able to check the pipes, internal fittings, and joints as well as pilots once a year. We will do our best to ensure that we spot any small issues, so you can become stress-free. The boiler service should be performed by a Gas Safe Engineer every 12 months to identify and fix any long-term problems.