Gas Boiler Service Bolton

Is your boiler breaking down, well then you’re in need of boiler servicing in Bolton? It is crucial that you frequently have boiler checks to identify that your boiler is working efficiently, as it relies on the water and heating system. Without boiler servicing, there will be an increase of issues arising which will affect your boiler and become more expensive in the long run. A yearly boiler service is a requirement by every engineer every 12 months to once a year, without this service, you won’t know if your boiler is working to its best ability.

Here at MCR Gas, we offer a wide range of boiler repair plans such as commercial and residential, to ensure that your boiler is in working conditions and any issues can be identified earlier.

Gas Safe Engineer Bolton

In need of a qualified engineer in your local surroundings in Bolton? At MCR Gas all of the engineers are fully trained for any emergency, installations or repairs at any moment.

Our Gas Safe Engineers are well skilled in combi & conventional gas boilers for any of your kitchen appliances. We are a Gas Safe registered and here to fix any boiler or any central heating issues you may have had.

Why Is Boiler Servicing So Important?

When our engineers service your boilers, it’s to ensure that they’re safe to use. Here at MCR Gas our engineers are trained and skilled to carry out the boiler service in an efficient way. Boilers that are used on gas, have a potential of being a hazard if not maintained properly, as they can leak gas can which affect individuals health. A boiler service is a lot of checks being carried out properly to make sure your health and safety isn’t in any danger and that the boiler works efficiently.

Our engineers will check the pipes, internal fittings, pilots and joints once a year to stress-free your mind. We will do our very best to make sure that we spot any small issues so that your boiler works to its very best ability. You should perform a boiler inspection/service every 12 months so that you can identify any long-term problems.

Boiler Cover Care Plans

We keep our prices flexible and manageable for you, we offer a wide range of boiler care plans to reassure you if need be in an emergency boiler service. We start off with £14.99 a month as we’re well known to be Manchester’s top-rated boiler and home emergency cover company. Here at MCR Gas, we have 4 packages to send across such as Bronze, Platinum, Silver and Gold, all of these packages include an emergency boiler cover and unlimited call-outs with labour included. We will provide you with all of the support and guidance that you need when it comes to your boiler services and covers. You can call one of our engineers to service your boiler with no added cost.

Having plumbing difficulties or problems with your boiler? Let our experts at MCR Gas put a stop to the issues before they get worse! Contact 0161 660 6063 to receive a free quote or book online today.