If you have noticed that your radiators aren’t emitting the same amount of heat as they normally do it may be worth checking them for any specific cold areas. During the natural course of heating your house over the years, our radiator will start to slowly build up a lot of deposits of magnetite which then takes the form of black sludge.

This eventually will leave your radiator with cold spots (usually starting at the bottom and working upwards) where the hot water eventually can’t run through the sludge. In some cases, the pipes to the radiators themselves become blocked, meaning the whole radiator will remain cold.

The alternative solution to this problem is to have a power flush.

Do you know what a power flush is and how it works?

What Is A Power Flush?

A power flush is a cleaning process for your boiler. During this process, any first, rust, sludge or debris that is likely to accumulate and block your system, in the long run, will be removed. If these substances are left in your system unattended they will cause corrosion and blockages. This will affect the efficiency of your boiler and then eventually will lead to a breakdown. Completing a regular power flush maintains the health of your system and saves on emergency plumbing costs. However not all power flushes are equal, however, with MagnaCleanse® you can gain all of the advantages of a traditional power flush without incurring any of the associated headaches.

What Is A MagnaCleanse® System Flush

MagnaCleanse® is a new flushing process that is designed to protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide which can sludge buildup. Not only does it clean the system, but it also provides ongoing protection for the boiler with the installation of a MagnaCleanse® filter.

So do you know the benefits of using MagnaCleanse® flush over a traditional power flush?

MagnaCleanse® Vs. Traditional Power Flush

There are several benefits of using a MagnaCleanse® flush rather than a normal traditional power flush.

MagnaCleanse uses about 90% less water and this only takes a third of the time as a traditional power flush to complete the process.

MagnaCleanse ensures the continued protection of your central heating system against corrosion by circulating an inhibiting agent after the flush is complete. Whereas a traditional power flush offers no such future protection.

A power flush can cause serious damage to older systems due to how fast the water runs through the system. MagnaCleanse® uses the boiler circulator so the process runs at a normal velocity, which will prevent any further damage to the vulnerable systems.


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