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Burst pipes can happen to anyone, in the home or in the business premises, and it's just as inconvenient for everyone. It’s more common in the cold weather which can lead to pipes freezing and bursting, However a burst pipe can occur any time. Our team of local engineers ready to respond to an emergency call out quickly, we can be there to manage a leak promptly before it turns into a burst pipe or fix burst pipes, reducing the time your system is out of use. This will also minimise the risk of and reduce potential flooding and any further damage being caused to your home. 

Whether the leak has been caused by a frozen pipe, broken joint or damage from building work, we can be with you quickly to stop the water and prevent the damage. Once the leak has been located and safely isolated, our engineers will talk you through the repair process and any costs that are involved.

Burst Pipe Repair

Having plumbing difficulties or problems with your boiler? Let our experts at MCR Gas put a stop to the issues before they get worse! Contact 0161 660 6063 to receive a free quote or book online today.

Why You Need a Plumber to Fix a Burst Pipe

The temptation of cutting costs and attempting to make a repair yourself is always tempting. However, tackling a burst pipe yourself and causing further faults could leave you with a much larger bill. Water doesn’t always travel along the most obvious path, and the leak might not be where you think it is. The leak might also be in your central heating system. It is important to have a professional HVAC company come out and repair it before leaking water does major damage to your heating and boiler system. Due to years of experience, our engineers are knowledgeable on locating a problem quickly and locating the leak with minimum damage caused. Our engineers will also carry out thorough checks of your other pipework to detect any weak spots that could cause an issue in the future. 

An ignored leak can get into bricks, wood and plaster causing huge damage to your property. We advise you to call out a professional engineer sooner rather than later. This way any problems can be resolved as soon as possible to halt any further damage.

Turning Off Water Due To A Burst Pipe

Finding water pouring out of a pipe can be an alarming and stressful ordeal. It’s often difficult to work out what to do first. If you are able to, the best thing to do is turn off your water by the stop cock. This would usually be located in your kitchen. Sometimes a screwdriver will be required, but more often than not it can just be turned like a tap. If you can’t find your stop cock, or it becomes stuck you should call us immediately so we can help and prevent damage being caused to your home.

If the flood is located in the tank in your loft or an upstairs room, unfortunately turning off the water supply will not immediately stop the flood. The water will continue to flow until the tank is empty. If you can turn the stop cock, this will prevent the boiler from refilling. Again, it is important to call out an engineer as soon as possible.

Boiler Cover Plans

We offer a range of boiler care plans, including emergency call outs for burst pipe repair. Starting from £14.99 a month, we offer Manchester’s top rated boiler and home emergency cover. There are four packages to choose from; Bronze, Platinum, Silver and Gold.  Packages include, emergency boiler cover and unlimited call outs with parts and labour included. The benefit of these packages is that you don’t need to worry about trying to find emergency boiler care. You can call out one of our trusted engineers to repair your boiler, at no extra cost. 

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