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Burst Pipe Repair Manchester

Manchester Burst Pipe Repair

Get Your Burst Pipes Fixed Fast With MCR Gas

Burst pipes can happen to anyone, in the home or in business premises. It is more common in the cold weather, but they can occur at any time. With our team of local plumbers ready to respond to an emergency call out quickly, we can be there to manage the leak in a jiffy. This way we can minimise any flooding and stop further damage to your property.

Whatever has caused the leak, a frozen pipe, broken joint or damage due to building work, we can be at your property quickly to stop the water. Once the water has been safely isolated, we can talk you through what needs to be done next and the costs involved.

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Why You Need An Plumber For A Burst Pipe

You might be tempted to either deal with a broken water pipe yourself or ignore it for a while. The thought of a plumber’s fee or the call-out charge is putting you off contacting someone. But if you try to tackle a burst pipe yourself, you could end up with a much larger bill. Water doesn’t always travel along the most obvious path, and so the leak might not be where you think it is. Our extensive experience helps us to locate a problem quickly and find the source of the leak with confidence. We will also inspect the rest of the pipework to make sure there aren’t any more weak spots that might also break in the near future.

When a leak is ignored and left, water can get into bricks, plaster and wood giving you huge problems further down the line. It is recommended that you get the professionals in earlier rather than later, and get any problems resolved as soon as possible to halt any further damage.

Turning Off Water Due To A Burst Pipe

Water pouring out of a pipe is an alarming thing to find. It’s difficult to know what to do first. If you are able to, the best thing to do is to turn the water off at the stop cock. Commonly located in the kitchen, you might need a screwdriver or you could also simply turn it like a tap. If you don’t know where your stop cock is, or it is stuck, call us immediately and we can help. If the flooding is coming from the tank in your loft or an upstairs room, unfortunately turning off the water supply will not immediately stop the flood. The water will continue to flow until the tank is empty, but turning off the stop cock will stop the tank from refilling.