Ideal Boiler Reset

Do you have an ideal boiler and have no idea how to reset it? Well MCR Gas has got you.

To reset an ideal boiler you will need to turn the mode control knob to reset the position immediately, then turn the knob back to the required setting. The boiler will then repeat the ignition sequence. If the boiler sequence still fails to light consult a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

However, we could rather you call an engineer to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Call our team today and we can make sure we fix your ideal boiler.

Where is The Reset Button On The Ideal Boiler?

If you currently have an older range of ideal boilers then to reset your boiler you will need to remove the service message by holding the mode dial in the position for 3 seconds. However, if you are unsure feel free to give us a call.

Although if you have a newer range of ideal boilers such as logic+ and Vogue this can be done by either pushing the reset button underneath the display or going into the menu settings on the display.

How To Reset A Boiler When The Gas Runs Out?

It always depends on what boiler you have so if you are on the pay-as-you-go meter your boiler will then shut down as you will run out of gas. This isn’t an issue as this problem is the same steps that will be taken to reset your boiler as soon as you have topped up your meter. In some cases, emergency gas can be added to your meter if need be.