Do you need an expert breakdown of how to move a boiler and what is the budget? 

Read on more to find out how much moving your boiler will set you back and why it is worth the investment and the time.

Cost Of Moving A Boiler

If you are moving into an older property or it has come to update and refurbish your old central heating system in your current house. Then the chance of relocating the boiler to a more practical position is an alternative. However, the question is how much does a moving boiler cost?

The central heating boiler furnace is the main vessel, which means that the fluid is heated and dispersed into radiators and water points around your home. It’s the beating part which keeps your house warm in the winter and creates a constant supply of hot water all year round.


How Much To Move A Boiler

If the time comes and you decide you need to move your boiler, you will need to contact a qualified engineer/plumber for this project. All of our engineers are all Gas Safe Registered and are legally qualified to install, repair and move a central heating boiler. 

The price of moving your boiler will always vary. If you needed to move your boiler a few meters across from the same position it would probably cost a fee of £300 or more. However, if you needed to move it to a completely different location it would cost around £750. This is an estimate from checkatrade.


Where is The Best Place To Put A Boiler?

A boiler can be moved anywhere within the home as long as it is obliged to the regulations. It is convenient yet also needs to be in a location that is very discreet but also very easy to access. A good place is either a kitchen, utility room or in a loft that is easy. However, the best place to put a boiler in your home would be near your property’s water such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

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