Will A Power Cut Affect my Boiler?

Have you experienced a power cut recently? Are you feeling stressed and worried? When a power cut happens, it is usually at an inconvenient time. The main reason we realise something wrong has happened, the electricity stops working in your house and if the thermostat and timer clocks have reset to their original settings which stop the heat from kicking in. Both boiler and gas central heating systems require electricity to become functional.

Below are a couple of FAQs on how power cuts can affect your heating system:

1. How Long Does A Power Cut Last?

How long does a power cut last? A power cut usually only lasts around half an hour. However, they can last longer depending on the number of homes affected.

2. Will A Power Cut Affect my Boiler?

Yes, a power cut will affect your boiler. Usually, it will turn off as the power cut turns off all electricity. The first thing to do when this happens is to check the timer. Most clocks will reset after a power cut and it can be a simple fix of reprogramming it manually. Check the manual if you are unsure of how to achieve this.

3. How To Reset Your Boiler After A Power Cut

All boilers have a reset button. Every boiler model has the reset button located in different places. If you can’t locate the button, have a look at your boiler manual and follow the instructions on how to reset it there. In most cases, you will need to :

  1. Push the button and hold for 5 seconds
  2. Wait several minutes for the boiler to ignite

Remember to: Avoid pressing the button repeatedly as this could make any issues much worse.
* It is important to keep note of your current settings and schedules on the boiler after a power cut so you can apply them again if it happens again.

You can tell if the boiler has reset because the error code will disappear when the flame has ignited. A green light may appear instead of red or orange. If the boiler hasn’t reset after following these instructions, then you should contact our Gas Safe Qualified engineer, who will be able to locate the issue.

4. How Do You Reset A Thermostat After A Power Outage?

A simple approach to reset your thermostat is to hold down the rest button for 5 or so seconds. If this doesn’t work, try switching off the power at the circuit breaker for a few minutes. Have a look at your manual for specific instructions.

Need A Little Extra Help?

If you still have issues after performing the above checks, you may want to contact one of our Gas Safe Engineers, who will be happy to perform any checks on the internal boiler components. If you need a boiler installed or repaired, leave it up to the experts and contact us. At MCR Gas we got you covered. To find out more about boilers and plumbing and the services we can offer, give MCR Gas a call on 0161 964 4272 or email us at Hello@mcrgas.co.uk. Check out our insightful faqs on boilers and plumbing where we provide answers to the queries you may have.

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