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Underfloor Heating Installation Manchester

Underfloor Heating in Manchester

Professional Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular in the home. This way of warming a room is considered luxurious and is a must-have feature in modern homes. It is also used in many commercial settings as an efficient and reliable way to heat larger rooms. Let us install your underfloor heating – we will give you a transparent quote for the work and let you know exactly what is involved before we start.

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What Is Underfloor Heating?

Simply put, it is a heating system that is installed underneath the floor. The heat radiates upwards from the floor, warming the whole room. There are 2 kinds of underfloor heating – electric heating that is a series of heating elements, and there’s a wet system that is hot-water fed series of pipes. The wet system has to be installed by a Gas Safe Approved engineer such as the team at MCR Gas.

Pros And Cons Of Underfloor Heating

The positives of using this method of heating are that it provides an even heat. As it comes from underneath the floor, it should stop cold areas occurring in a room. The biggest plus is that you don’t need radiators so it frees up wall space. Even though radiators don’t take up much room, they usually prevent you from putting something up against them, so they can make room layouts tricky. The lack of radiators also gives a place a more minimalistic look – chic, clean rooms is a modern style many people love.

The cons to using underfloor heating begin with the cost of installation. As the existing floor needs to be removed to install the system, it’s a big decision to have it done. The best time to have it installed is when you have already planned to replace the floor. Or if you have a new room built, such as an extension or en-suite bathroom.

There are limitations to the type of flooring that works well with this heating system. Tiled or stone floors work best as the whole material gets warm. As carpets can act as insulation keeping the heat from reaching the room, you would need to take advice about using it with other floor coverings. A further thing to consider is having the heating underneath things like kitchen units and appliances such as a fridge or freezer – neither of these should be above a heat source.

If you are unsure if underfloor heating is right for you or your property, then give us a call and we can offer our advice. We can inspect your property and see it this kind of system is the right fit, and we can suggest alternatives so you can compare.