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Save Money On Your Heating Bills With a Powerflush

Power flushing is a treatment that cleans out the inside of your central heating system. Once it is done, the heating should be greatly improved and your boiler will be less likely to break down. Let us provide a quote for power flushing your system - we have local plumbers in the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas who are available to carry out the work at a time that suits you.

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What Is Power Flushing?

Over the years, as your central heating ages, the inside of the pipework and the radiators start to see a build-up of rust. It happens in almost every system no matter what model has been installed. Oxidation is the scientific word for this build up and it will stop the hot water flowing freely through the whole central heating. In central heating, hot water is pushed through the pipes to the radiators and this is what provides the heat. The better the water flows, the better the heating works. Power flushing involves the use of carefully managed cleaning solutions flushed through your system to remove the build-up. It’s not a job to try to do yourself, we use specialist equipment and years of experience to get this done correctly and safely.

Once a power flush has been carried out, the hot water will move around the system with greater ease which will help the heating work more efficiently. This will help reduce the amount of gas needed which will, in turn, will lower your utility bills. Cleansing the interior of the pipework will also help keep boiler repairs at bay as the water is cleaner as it goes past the boiler. This maintenance process will help lengthen the lifespan of your boiler and central heating, so will be cost effective in the longer run. If it is the right process for your central heating, a power flush has many benefits.

How Do You Know That A Power Flush Will Help?

There are certain signs that show us that a power flush is needed. If there are areas on your radiators that remain cold when the heating is on – it is likely that the water isn’t flowing freely in the central heating system. If your boiler makes a lot of noise when it runs, it could be that the build-up of rust is stopping it working properly. There could be other reasons for both of these things, so get us to check your system over and see if power flushing is the right answer.