Blocked Drains Manchester

Require Drain Unblocking Services In Manchester?

Blocked drains are extremely unpleasant and can become a serious health hazard if left unattended for too long. Blockages can cause bad smells, sewage blockages and foul water spills. If the blockage resides in your wastewater pipe, appliances in your home such as dishwashers and washing machines can start to dispense contaminated dirty water. Baths and sinks will also be unable to drain, leaving you with standing dirty water and expensive emergency plumbing costs.

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Drain Specialist Manchester

MCR Gas offers a range of drain unblocking services throughout the bury and the greater manchester area. We are confident in our experience and skills, and believe that we can offer you the best quality drain services in Bury, Oldham, Bolton and Greater Manchester. Drain unblocking can become tricky and lead to further complications when done incorrectly. It is important to contact a fully qualified trusted engineer to help you to unblock your drains if you are unsure.

What Causes Drains To Become Blocked?

There are numerous reasons for a blockage to occur in your commercial building or domestic homes. Often blockages happen because people are unaware that the products they are putting into the system are unhealthy and could become stuck. Once one thing becomes wedged, everything that follows gets stuck behind it and starts the blocking process.

Blocked Toilet Drain

Products such as baby wipes, cotton wool, sanitary products, and paper towels do not flush easily through toilet pipework. If there are any narrow sections or sharp bends in the pipes, these bulky items get stuck. When toilet flushes aren’t working fully, there isn’t sufficient water to flush things properly away either. This kind of blockage is usually caused by flushing the previously mentioned items. Here at  MCR Gas , we recommend informing your family on what can and can't be flushed down the toilet or kitchen sink to avoid any accidental blockages.

Some small blockages can be cleared using everyday cleaning products bought in a hardware store. If these chemicals are used as soon as the problem occurs, they can be effective at dissolving grease and hair. However, if this method is ineffective, it’s important to call a qualified plumber as soon as possible. Attempting to use stronger chemicals to remove the blockage yourself is dangerous. Further damage will be caused to your system that will be even more expensive to treat.  We strongly advise that you do not attempt to use stronger chemicals because these can be extremely dangerous and may even cause damage to pipework. To clear major blockage problems call your local, industry accredited, fully insured and guaranteed drainage company.

Kitchen Drain Unblocking

In the kitchen, animal cooking fat is liquid when it’s hot, but solid when it’s cold. If the fat is poured down the sink, it can solidify in the pipes and cause a blockage. Food waste items being disposed of down your kitchen sink also adds to the risk of blocked pipework. Externally drains and pipework can become damaged by soil movement or growing tree roots. Whatever is causing the blocked drain, we promise to locate the cause and deal with it as quickly as possible, causing minimal damage to your property.

Drain Unblocking Manchester

If you need assistance or skilled professional advice on blocked drains in the Greater Manchester Area Contact us today. Blocked Drains are inconvenient and a nasty problem to deal with. They’re swarming with bacteria and encouraging odors. It’s important to locate the cause of the problem quickly so it can be solved safely and efficiently. Here at MCR Gas our engineers are well trained in safely cleaning and removing blockages from your drains.

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