If you’re looking to improve your home’s heating efficiency and save money, you don’t want to overlook the incredible opportunity presented by the UK Government providing grants for heat pumps. This initiative opens doors to financial support that can make the transition to heat pump technology straightforward. Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your energy efficiency with government-backed assistance to make upgrading more affordable.

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Key Takeaways

  • The UK government offers grants to help cover the cost of installing heat pumps in your home.
  • Grants can save you up to £7,500.
  • To get a grant, you must meet criteria such as owning a home in England, Wales or Scotland and using certified installers.

Government Grants for Heat Pumps

Find out about the eligibility requirements, available grants, and how to apply for government grants for heat pumps. If you’re looking to save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, this is worth reading more about!

Eligibility requirements

  • You must own or rent a home in England, Wales, or Scotland. The grant schemes are specific to these parts of the U.K.
  • Your property needs an assessment to see if it’s right for a heat pump. A certified expert will check your home’s suitability.
  • Provide proof that you have not received certain other government grants. This keeps the support fair.
  • Have all the necessary permissions from local authorities if needed. This might include planning permission or others based on your location.
  • Check if you have a national insurance number. You’ll need this for the application process.
  • Use certified installers who meet government standards. They ensure quality work and proper installation of your heat pump system.
  • Make sure you haven’t applied for or received the grant before. Grants are usually once per property or homeowner.
  • Some schemes require that your current heating system meets specific criteria. For instance, it might need to be old or inefficient to qualify for an upgrade.

Available grants

Once you’ve determined if you meet the eligibility requirements, it’s time to explore the various government grants available for installing heat pumps. These grants can significantly reduce the financial burden and encourage the adoption of more sustainable heating solutions. Below is a table outlining some of the available grants:

Grant ProgramDescriptionAmountRegion
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)Provides financial support to the owner of renewable heating systems for seven years.VariesUK-wide
Home Energy Scotland LoanInterest-free loans for energy efficiency improvements, including heat pump installation.Up to £38,500 (depending on measures)Scotland
Warm Homes FundFunding for households that do not qualify for other grant schemes.VariesNorthern Ireland
Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)Provides support for low-carbon heating systems in place of traditional gas boilers.Up to £6,000England and Wales

Here’s what GOV.UK states:

You can get one grant per property. Current grants are available for:

The availability and amount of these grants may change, so it’s important to check the most current information before applying.

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How to apply

To apply for government grants for heat pumps, follow these steps:

  1. Check your eligibility by reviewing the specific requirements for England, Wales, Scotland, or the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Gather all necessary documents including proof of residency and income information.
  3. Research available grants and select the most suitable one for your needs and location.
  4. Fill out the application form accurately and completely to avoid delays in processing.
  5. Submit your application through the designated channel as specified in the guidelines.
  6. Await confirmation of your application and be prepared to provide any additional information if requested.
  7. Once approved, schedule installation with a certified professional to ensure compliance with grant requirements.
  8. Keep track of any post-installation documentation or reports that may be needed for grant disbursement or inspections.


Heat pumps offer energy efficiency and cost savings. Government grants are available to support their installation. Eligibility requirements for these grants vary but can make a significant difference in reducing carbon footprint.

Are you ready to take advantage of these grants and contribute to a greener future? Act now and explore the potential impact on your home or business. Your decision could lead to significant improvements in sustainability and long-term cost savings.


Yes! If you’re a resident of any home nation within Britain including England, Wales or Scotland, you may apply for a heat pump grant.

These grants make it easier and cheaper for British households to get heat pumps that can save energy and cut down on bills.

Applying for a grant won’t affect your other government services; the process is there to support your move toward greener energy without hassle.

No matter if you have an insular Celtic climate like Scotland or live where it’s milder like parts of England and Wales, these grants are meant to help different kinds of homes across Britain.

You should always check with local councils because rules can vary; however, typically as long as you meet the eligibility criteria set out under the scheme guidance provided by British governmental bodies overseeing environmental initiatives.