When getting a new commercial boiler or looking to take care of your boiler, as a business there are a lot of questions that come to mind; how long will my commercial boiler last? How often should it be serviced? How does it work? We’ve collated all the answers to the most commonly asked question regarding commercial boilers in one place for you below.

How Long Does A Commercial Boiler Last?

Commercial boilers have a life expectancy of about 10-15 years. It is important to keep up with the correct servicing and maintenance for your commercial boiler to prolong your boilers lifespan. A boiler leaking or creating excess noise is usually indicating a problem, and you should call out an engineer. Variations in temperature and constant noise are a sign of your boiler deteriorating with age, and it’s probably time for a new one.

How Do You Size A Commercial Boiler?

All commercial boilers should match the hot water needs of where it is set up. You need to consider the amount of radiators within the space, the size of the space, amount of bathrooms, hot water outputs, and how regularly you will need hot water. You also need to consider flow rate and mains pressure. An engineer should be able to do this for you when helping you size your boiler. The output will determine the size of the commercial boiler you will need. This is usually measured in kilowatts. Larger commercial boilers will emit more kilowatts and supply more hot water. The normal size for commercial boilers varies between 24 and 42 kilowatts. However, combi boilers can also be made efficient enough to heat spaces with up to 20 radiators.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Commercial Boiler?

As a comparison if you think about residential boiler installations these can usually take 2-3 days, with a commercial boiler project being larger it will take longer than this. The exact timing will depend on the size of your commercial property, contact a commercial gas expert at MCR Gas and we can assist you with estimated time frames to complete a commercial project.

How Does A Commercial Boiler Work?

A commercial boiler is a pressurised system. It will use fuel or burn electricity to either heat water or create steam. Whether it creates water or steam will depend on your boiler type. This is then transferred around the building using a piping system. This is how it heats your space.

How Often Should A Commercial Boiler Be Serviced?

To keep up with regular maintenance checks, and extend your boiler’s lifespan, it is recommended that it is serviced by an engineer every 12 months. Usually, it will need to be serviced within the first 12 months of installation to comply with warranty. Different manufacturers have different specifications on this, so it’s advised to check with your engineer or company.

Where Can I Find The Serial Number On My Boiler?

Some boilers will have a tab underneath the boiler that will slide out to reveal the serial number. Most boilers will have their serial number on the drop down panel on the front of the boiler. If you can’t locate the serial number, you can call your boiler manufacturer with the name and model and they can help you locate it.

How Do I Know If My Boiler Is Energy Efficient?

How efficient the system is will be a big part of your decision when choosing a new boiler. To look for boilers that are economical, look for their energy star rating. A high rated boiler should run efficiently and be cost efficient. A lower rated boiler will be more cost effective to replace long term. Usually all modern boilers are more cost and energy efficient when compared to older models.

What Kind Of Boiler Is Best For Businesses?

If you’re looking for a boiler that needs to heat a large space such as an office building, gas condensing boilers have the highest work efficiency. For a smaller building, a system boiler would be more appropriate. A system boiler is a closed system that only requires a boiler and a cylinder. A regular boiler requires header tanks in the loft to feed the hot water cylinder and maintain water levels in radiators. However if you’re looking for the most cost efficient kind of boiler for your business then you may opt for a condensing boiler. This is any boiler system that uses condensing technology to make better use of the heat it generates.

When getting a new boiler installed, arranging a consultation for a new boiler to be sized and fitted, it is important to choose the right engineer. Here at MCR Gas we have extensive experience in You should always make sure you’re satisfied with your new heating system or service before your engineer leaves. Make sure all operating instructions have been described to you and you are aware of how to keep up with regular maintenance checks.