Whether your boiler is brand new or you’ve had it for quite a while, ensuring you make the most of the utmost importance for your home and your bills. It is easy to forget to look after your boiler, so here are a few tips that can help you.

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Boiler:

1. Annual Boiler Servicing

One of the ways to keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible is to arrange a boiler Service with your plumber every 12 months. This service will consist of a range of maintenance services to ensure that everything is running smoothly and making sure your boiler is safe to use.

A lot of people underestimate the importance of servicing their boiler, as it allows you to take time to inspect and see if it’s okay to fully maintain. Then this means you’re less likely to have cold showers due to your boiler breaking down.

If there are any issues with your boiler therefore, your engineer will be able to detect this during your service, so that there aren’t any long-term issues that can become costly as time goes by.

2. Regular Cleaning Of The Boiler

The second tip to ensure you have a well maintained boiler is to always clean your boiler as they can collect dust just like anything else within your home. Keeping your boiler clean will ensure it has a longer life and will prevent any buildup of dust.

Some people say that you can clean your boiler yourself, but if you’re not a professional, cleaning your own boiler can be very dangerous. Not only do boilers heat water to around 60 degrees, they’re far from user-friendly inside. You might even risk causing damage to your boiler that could result in a gas leak, so it’s always preferred to be done by an expert.

3. Bleeding Your Radiators

The third tip which can benefit your boiler is to also maintain your radiators which can help your boiler. This means if your radiator isn’t running efficiently, then it can also affect your boiler and it’ll take slower to work.

As long as there aren’t any further problems then bleeding your radiator is a task that is fast and easy to complete and you won’t even need a plumber to do it for you. It’s a very simple task by opening up the valve on your radiator and letting out all of the trapped air that causes the heat not to run fully.

4. Checking Your Boiler Pressure

The pressure of your boiler can also lead to huge factors in how your boiler performs. Over time, your boiler can start to lose pressure and it will decrease its efficiency. How often you need to top up pressure will depend on the boiler you have and also checking the pressure gauge every couple of months will mean that you can keep on top of things.

If your pressure is below 1 bar, you can easily top this up by following the instructions within your manual or asking your plumber to help you.

5. PowerFlushing

Another alternative method to take care of your boiler is to have a power flushing service, this focuses on your radiators and also can help your boiler. Powerflushing is a deep clean of your radiators and can clean your central heating system, that uses chemicals to flush out all of the rust, debris and sludge within your pipes/boilers etc.

Cleaning out the sludge from your central heating system is an effective way to keep your boiler at its best and prevent the dirt from damaging your system.

6. Fix Issues As Soon As Possible

No matter how old your boiler is, it’s important to ensure that if there are any issues that you prompt them as soon as possible. Whether your boiler requires a small or non-urgent repair to help your boiler run smoothly, our engineers at MCR Gas are here for you.

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